Make living from fishing. How?

It is heard multiple times in online tutorials and guides that spawning next to a river is a lucky shot: one will always get fed and watered.

Despite I indeed managed to drink every day even without boiling water from river, I have troubles feeding myself solely from the river.

I fish for the whole day, end up with several corpses, perhaps up to 6-8 fish fillets and also offals. After cooking and eating all that I still go to bed being hungry!

The question is simple: how do you guys fish for enough nutrition for a day during a day? Is it really possible to have any spare time for other useful stuff if you feed from a river? Thanks.

When I have thought about fishing, I have always imagined jumping into the river with a spear gun and skewering a few.

I think that will be quicker than waiting around all day fishing. Also, when I see a fish in shallow water, I’ll shoot it.

It might be dependent on your survival skill, too.

What fishing rod are you using to fish? In core game, there is a poor rod, and an effective rod. If you are using More Survival Tools, there is a string rod. The quality of rod affects your effectiveness.

There’s also the fact that direct cooking is not the most efficient way to go at it, if you gather a couple other things, you can turn those fishes into soup, which is a lot more filling.

Slingshot is quick and keeps you dry.

Besides fish, there is also duck and beaver.

You can corner deer and turkey by turning of river.

Giant carp and zombie shark are pests. They ruin the fish population.

Indeed, I’m using the most basic one. Thanks, will try to upgrade.

I didn’t think of that! I honestly started fishing from day one, obviously without any pan to cook a soup

Sincerely, how many days does it take you to build up enough skill to kill enough per day to survive? I tried, first days I was hungry. Not to mention moose did beat the shit out of me.

Set a bunch of baited fish traps.

I like to sling at fish when possible. also note that fish have to breathe still …

You can also search bushes for stuff. A bit of foraging and you can turn up a few meals.


But yes searching underbrush is completely sustainable.

.22 caliber is pretty good for fishing.