First release candidate for 0.F

This is the first release candidate for 0.F

Please give it a spin, especially because we had to scramble to port the release process over to GitHub Actions recently (like, the past three days) because something happened to the build server we’ve been using for years. (Triggering all the “why isn’t the launcher fetching the changelog” posts.)

We still need to get an Android build going in Github Actions (we have a prototype that needs validation), we have 7 reported issues to look into, and we need to do save migration testing to verify that moving saves from 0.E to 0.F works. Other than that all that is left is release tasks like final import of tilesets and translations.

The changelog is essentially done, if anything we might prune some more off of it, and it needs a highlights section:

The release date has been upgraded from Soon :tm: to Sooner :tm:


I look forward to the inevitable reddit salt when folks are exposed to the new inventory system, and can’t fit their aluminium keg into three pairs of pants and two backpacks.

But seriously, this is a great milestone, the games seen some incredible foundational changes over this set and it’ll be great to have it getting out to the wider community who ignore the experimentals.


Every update is a great start and I’m looking forward to it.

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pick up frozen liquid without accepting very vague warning with unclear consequences, and then being unable to do anything with it, and when they finally find a way to do so, the liquid becomes bugged again (or rather, just continue being in such state).
Current state of the game is at most a glorified translation milestone. Which, come to think of it, is exactly what “stable” builds are, at least if we believe one of the big contributors. GL explaining it to reddit folks, though :smiley:

I’ve been playing this game for over a decade. I love what you guys have done.