Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

newsflash: it does exactly nothing in experimental
well, except being used in one food recipe but who cares

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Sounds like you had some fun time with the Triffids. I found a triffid grove in a forest, but it’s too far to bump into it (spotted with binoculars and autonotes). It’s out of the way and even if I drive down the road, I doubt it’ll get loaded into the reality bubble.

Can someone explain what’s up with bandaging quality? What makes up the difference between Base bandaging quality and Actual bandaging quality? Is it my skill level?

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The higher your skill in health care, the higher actual quality ends up being.


Good day to everyone.

Is there some way to see what had been changed in experimental builds except diving in each commit on Git ?
Previously I visited ( ) , where was summary of changes, but it seems that it stopped working.

I’m not very familiar with git so maybe there are some solution but I have no clue where to find it.

Thanks !

The answer to your question, AFAIK, is currently a big no.
Eh, it gives about as much info as you used to get from Jenkins.

also if not in research facilities, the research facilities always have science labs under them.

quick question, have mutations and bionics become mutually exclusive over the last year? I have a couple of bionics and the mutagen ive found so far hasnt been doing anything

No. Other than obvious things like telescopic eyes removing vision mutations there is no direct barrier to mixing CBM’s with mutations. You would want to carefully watch the log info when taking mutagen to see what messages you get. Sometimes (usually if you already have a bunch) you will get no effects or one will upgrade then downgrade putting you back to your original state. It should all be listed in the log. Hit ‘P’ to see a longer version of the log to make sure.

Ive tried it a few times and it doesnt seem to do anything at all, I checked the logs and my character sheet but they dont do anything. ive tried updating to the newer versions but it still doesnt work. it might have something to do with starting as a super soldier, ill have to check.

How quickly do corpses rot, and how does this affect the freshness of butchery products? It sometimes seems like it’s a good idea to leave meat in a corpse for a bit to preserve it, but I’m not sure about that.

I don’t know for sure, but I think the decay sets in when the corpse is created, and is carried over to the products you get from butchering it. The rate at which corpses rot depends on the temperature, so you have to be quicker to get as much out of them as possible in the summer than in the winter. Also, I think the time it takes for a corpse to be revived isn’t dependent on the temperature, so you’d want to butcher anything that’s large enough to be revived before that.
Putting the products into cold storage as soon as possible extends their shelf life as well.

From my experience, it seems that a corpse begins rotting as soon as all its parts begin rotting. For zeds, most of the parts (meat, blood, fat) do so in four hours, which is about the time it took them to begin rotting.

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Protip: how to quickly pick up just a single item from them bloody wallets:

  • stand near the wallet
  • 'w’ield, select the item (it’s usually at the end of the list so just press uparrow and look for it there)
  • 'w’ield again, select the item again (now it should be the very first one, no keypresses needed), ‘store in inventory’
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this would actually save me from hours of dropping pointless paper moneys

I just discorvered batch crafting…
I have wasted irl DAYS!

also does anyone now why my cable charger system isnt working? my vehicle has way too many batteries and 5 or 6 minireactors running.

Your cable charger shuts down at the same time as your torsion ratchet does, i.e. when you’re fully charged. If you have something active (i.e. some continuous charge consumption) engaging it again later will top up the charges and then disconnect. It may be possible to change the setting for the charger to not automatically disconnect when full (I’ve never used one, so I don’t have first hand experience, but other things can have their settings changed to not disable themselves automatically).

guys i have a bite wound(indicating blue); just early game now. But in description it is not saying infected, just nasty bite wound. So i am confused, if i should just wait it out or cauterize the wound?