First Aid Skill Thread

Let’s brainstorm ideas of how to properly improve on the medical system in CDDA!

Right now the first aid skill drops off somewhere around level 4 Regarding items and the things you can do with them yet incentivizes you to level it due to the bonuses to installation of CBMs.

I think this skill needs some love and I am excited to see what you guys come up with.

This is healing with a high health stat and 9 in first aid:

One hour later without sleep:

Twelve hours later after some sleep:

That’s with poor healer too and it’s not like it wouldn’t of been more then 15 points if my survivor had been more injured. High first aid (and health stat) makes quite a difference at least IMO, It’s even more important (and effective) on survivors with imperceptive healer.

What is “Kunstler”? Off the top of my head, it’s the name of a painter known for his Civil War art, and the name of the author of World Made By Hand.

I actually considered doing an AAR loosely-based thereupon.

Anyway, something I would like to see is an ability to get a sense of what nutrients you’re lacking based off your first aid skill. On the other hand, lack thereof might make it more difficult to know what nutrients are in the food you’re eating.

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Maybe that combined with some cooking you’d be able to make proper supplements too, like home made multi-vitamins.


That would actually be really great.

What is “Kunstler”?

The Kunstler trait is added by the mythical martial arts mod. In the Battle Angel Alita comics, a Kunstler is a practitioner of Panzer Kunst, a martial art made for cyborgs.

I haven’t played with the mod, so I don’t what it is like.

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I see what you mean, but I don’t mean simply in response to recovering HP. I think that first aid (and all the illnesses and injuries related) could be expanded pretty broadly.

Like the tools in game it’d be interesting to see a variety of tools for treating wounds snd performing surgeries, medications to treat a range of symptoms, and illnesses that are symptomatic.

For example, it’d be cool to have the character menu show only your symptoms at lower levels, but as you get more knowledgeable you could determine whether you have the flu, strep throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, or even alien illnesses.

A broader range of treatment for infections would be interesting too.

I think the limb HP bars could be expanded upon to include specific statuses to each limb such as lacerated, stitched, sore, weak, numb, stiff. It feels really jarring to have an arm go from functioning to broken or alternatively bruised after getting tossed by a brute. Most musculoskeletal injury is pretty polar, such as bruises, scrapes, and lacerations or breaks and deformity. Making bleeding and laceration more common and the possibility for infection seems more sensible as bleeding fits nicely into the middle of the spectrum and bandages are stupid easy to come by, either made or found.

I really like that idea.

I imagine the survivor busting into a GNC and pocketing every bottle of B vitamin he can to later cook up some knock-off vitamin B shot, the whole while near collapse from Beriberi.

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Hmm, I suppose if anything I’d like to see limb loss added to the game along with varying qualities of prosthetics ranging from handcrafted hooks and peg legs etc to bionics. If I was going to do it under the current system it would be based around a threshold of damage passed broken, like say 50% of total limb health taken after being broken with different levels of first aid skill being required to fit varying qualities of prosthetic.

I’m a bit leery of how much illness stuff gets added, we already have the flu which is more tedious then dangerous (at least once you are passed the first week or so of survival). I wouldn’t really be a huge fan of more statuses that leave you hold up in a safe spot for a week or more while you recover, it’s going to get to the point where it’s either irrelevent or just isn’t much fun to deal with.


Well the benefit of that would be symptomatic treatment. Like, if you know you’re coughing and vomiting then just steal cough syrup and zofran and you’ll bd right as rain for 12 hours. If you were smart enough to know you had the flu and thst the flu could be treated with tamaflu in the first 48 hours you’d be gucci too.

I assume these meds would fill out the pharmacy shelves, doctors offices cabinets, grocery stores, and medicine cabinets of most homes. I think it’d be cool to find more old dayquil and allergy meds than aspirin and caffeine pills.

But I see your point about illness being more tedious than anything. This could probably be remedied by making symptom severity more like a bell curve than an of-off switch. Then you’ll really need roughly 72 hours worth of meds rather than 2 weeks worth give or take a day or so depending on your health stat.

I was just thinking about prosthetics! Yeah, that’d be great. I’m curious if at a certain skill level you could fully replace limbs with living tissue ones, perhaps with a CBM thet allows for more modular slotting of arms or legs. It’d change the meta for CBMs then because then you could build a utility arm and a combat arm and change them out as the situation dictates. Though admittedly that may be a bit scifi and simply having pre-CBMed prosthetics would work for that better thematically.

I’m definitely with you on limb loss and prosthetic replacements! Make it so! :wink: