Firewood Storage not working correctly?

I placed a Firewood Storage Spot next to my Crafting Spot, which is directly adjecent to my fire. While crafting my character doesn’t refill the firewood and the fire keeps going out. Did I do something wrong? I’m using the latest experimental #9488 on android. Does anyone know what could be the problem here?

Thank you in advance!

I think you are confusing the firewood storage spot (zones) with the Firewood source (construction). Go to the construction menu with * and construct a firewood source on the tile that has firewood.

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Also, if you’ve marked firewood source, it will not refill if you’re standing on the same tile as the firewood source.

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Ah yes, I was talking about the firewood source construction. Its placed next to my character and fire, but every time I read or craft the fire dies after lighting it.

Edit: I tested it with reading and crafting. One instance with putting firewood in the brazier first then lighting it and one more where I light the fire by examining the brazier without any wood inside, which I assume pulls from the firewood source to light a fire. However, the problem remains: After lighting a fire my character does not pull firewood from the source to keep it going. Updating to another exerimental and going through the whole shabang didnt work either.