How Does Firewood source work?

I’ve stuck a firewood source construction next to a brazier and put a load of clothes in it. Stuff I put in the brazier and will just burn out. Am I missing something on how firewood source constructions work?

Clothes pretty much just insta-burn. You can’t get a lasting fire using things like that. Drop planks, longs, long sticks, etc on that firewood source if you want the fire to keep burning while you craft/read.

Cheers for that.

So you’ve gotta be standing next to the areas to keep the fire going, not just the fact of having a firewood area auto feeding the fire?

Most ‘auto’ functions are just simulating your character doing it without you having to press all the keys. you have to be within crafting range generally for the functions to work. The firewood source does NOT need to be adjacent to the brazier/stove/etc but i tend to put it there anyway.