About fire

how do you contain a fire? I build a fire outside to purify water. It grew to 3x3 with smoke. Will it keep growing?
Is there anyway to build a stove inside short of that one stove? I thought I read somewhere you can get 3 stones or something to build a fire inside?

How much skill do you need for a stone pot? I looked on the wiki and it didn’t say. I can make a stone hammer, but not a pot. I finally found a pot. I

How do you set a house on fire? do i just drop something flammable like a sheet or piece of wood and light it? then the house will catch fire? will the fire spread on its own to other houses?

For indoors fires check this.

For stone pot crafting, check this. When in doubt in general about crafting check the crafting page , in any case.

You can set fire to a house by the means you mention, or by throwing a lit molotov cocktail.

EDIT: Fire only spreads to adjacent tiles, and only if there’s flammable materials in those tiles (such as wood, cotton, etc). Unless two houses are glued to each other (no “corridor” between them) it shouldn’t spread beyond your targeted house.

Really? I could have sworn I’ve had fires expand beyond the flammable square into empty ones.

Where you using gasoline, per chance?

EDIT: But you’re right. When a fire reaches a given intensity it can spread to adjacent tiles in up to two tiles radius.

I guess the correct answer should have been that it won’t spread for sure as long as the houses are separated by at least two tiles, and as long as there’s no other flammable materials in the middle (such as the odd desk placed outside).

Nah. It was a big pile of wood. Nearly spread to my base (I was a couple of tiles away from it on the road, and it got worryingly close, I wished for an extinguisher, because fuck losing my base.)

I think it has something to do with bigger fires. If it becomes raging, it seems to leak into other square, if I’m not just hallucinating or something.

You’re correct. It was just that gasoline fires seem to be quite intense, and therefore spreads faster. Check the edit on my previous post.