Firefighter profession starting in doctor's office

Newest experimental, 6518.

Started a new game as a firefighter for the first time and spawned in a doctor’s office for some reason, tried to do it again but couldn’t recreate. I opened up the map and there is a fire station like 2 blocks away so they’re not absent from my world. I got default world settings (other than the season length and lowered npc spawn rates). I didn’t get any world/map errors when spawning in either.

Barely a problem, just thought I’d just report it to you guys lol.

I have also noticed that sometimes you don’t appear in the zone it says you should, and instead show up somewhere near it.

I tried to make a mod that puts you on a football field, and if I got that to work I was gonna put zombies in a line and npcs in a line like you were playing American football.

It usually gives me the, “Could not find a good starting location” but when it doesn’t, it puts me in a house or a car NEAR the football field.