Firearm Optics Comparison?

Are the differences between red dot > holographic > ACOG > rifle scope just a straight upgrade? It seems like with a rifle scope you get a sight dispersion of 0 but you miss out on the slight aiming speed bonus of 6/6/2 respectively which seems trivial in comparison. This does not seem intuitive. I understand how a rifle scope would zero out sight dispersion, but red dot sights make target acquisition significantly faster. Is there some hidden stat I am not aware of? Because the optimal play seems to put rifle scopes on everything. Additionally, what is the point of offset iron sights? Under what circumstances would they be used?

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Weight and volume are also considerations, as they will slow down your aim as well. Rifle scopes are very accurate at long distances, but a hindrance when something’s up close rushing at you.

Is this reflected in the item stats? I did not see anything change re: aiming speed between for example a regular stock and a folding stock.

It varies depending on the gun mod. The system’s a little weird and unintuitive, IMO. In that particular case, you’re probably seeing one of the other limiting factors for aim speed besides weight.