Firearm maintenance

Hello. What do you think about this idea? Firearm maintenance system may make our guns more “personal”. A few things to think about:

  1. Cleaning: The most important part of firearm maintenance. The ordinary firing action releases fine particles of gunpowder, metals (mostly lead and copper from the bullet moving over the riflings) and other contaminates into the inner spaces of a firearm, which may cause malfunctions or in rarer cases of extreme buildup may raise the barrel pressure too high causing the firearm to explode (catastrophic failure) upon being fired.

Items: Outer’s Compact Cleaning Kit, Cleaning Gel

  1. Lubrication: Less important part. Firearms produce massive momentary forces upon firing a bullet. A typical 9mm projectile produces a maximum of 34,084 psi (2,350.0 bar) of pressure in the instant of firing.[1] The amount of pressure a firearm may endure for the first few milliseconds after the cartridge fires can be over 2,300 times more than the normal atmospheric pressure. Therefore it is important for the safety of the shooter, and the longevity of a firearm that it is properly lubricated as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Items: Lubricating Oil Wipe, bore snake

  1. Rust prevention. Item: Storage bag

I like it!

I like the idea, but what about the argument of tedium?

Sure sure, realism and i’m all about it (until we reach the point of extreme tedium, like having to shit every 12 hours or something) but I think the idea of having to regularly maintain firearms would just be another chore.

Then again, we could also be looking at things like "if I don’t clean the gun after extensive use, will it fail to function properly?"
Will it affect recoil, dispersion, jamming, etc?
Or will it just be some morale bonus thing (took care of firearm), with maybe negligible buffs or something.

Imo, I like the idea, but I don’t think it’s needed. Just more work for the devs and the survivor with little benefit.

i could have sworn at some point at least in one of the stable builds guns had a chance to “break down” as in they would actually receive damage and you needed a firearm kit in order to repair it. Either I just haven’t had it happen to me again or it was removed but I could have sworn.

damaged guns have a higher chance to jam, misfire, etc. if they are green || then everything is in working order. only thing i can think of is (filthy) tag. when filthy the gun also has a higher chance of bad events, but not sure if things an BECOME filthy or if thing can only spawn filthy.

I think it was from the stable .B version when I first started playing cataclysm that I found an uzi and after a couple of full auto bursts it actually started to break on me. Also thinking of temporarily changing a magazine’s reliability to 0 in a test world to see what happens.

This has come up a number of times in the past, and we’ve never been able to come up with a way to deal with this that wasn’t just pointless button mashing. One abstracted version we’ve considered is having weapon skill influence the condition of your weapon, as you use the weapon it either deteriorates or improves based on your skill level, which has implications for reliability and accuracy. If it’s abstrated to that point though, you might as well just make skill level directly influence those weapon stats.