Fire type Zombies

Let’s hope you brought a water type with you.

there are already technically ones
there are flamethrower zeds that drip napalm wherever they go as well as any zombie touched by fire will turn into fire zombies

however adding zombies that can actually start fires would be incredibly messy unless they spawned only in non-flammable areas like caves

The Flamethrower zeds and the charred zeds. You’d have to generate a fuel source. Other than that one mod that adds gas producing blob, It seems a tad lore-unfriendly

Hey are you kidding me? what about Gasoline zombie? I think it was added few months ago. (and one even almost killed one of my characters)

Plus, what about shooting zombies with flaming arrows? I thought it would make alot of fire mess, but instead it just light up zombies at night and add some “deferred” damage. But such “cached on fire” zombies cannot light up anything.

First time I ran into one of those I LITERALLY ran into it while going around a corner and set it off, RIP my gear. :sob:

As a side note to the fire ants comment, a while back I had designed a set of fire ant armor. Was going to incorporate them into my game anyways. XD

Smart zombies= bad. Scientists and grennies are fine. Just remove the man hacks. Upon death have the grennies have a roll to fall in a way that may pull a pin on a grenade.

Flamer thrower zombies are not good if they use the fire in an intentional manner. Everything just being on them or something of that nature should be fine.

Here is a good example. Variations of bloated and spitter zombies. Chemicals mix within them and create a flammable substance. They bloat up and if they come in contact with fire. They roll a chance to explode(no shrapnel). Open air explosions diffuse reasonably but do harm, but in doors they may do more harm. Ear bleeds and blown ear drums. Collapsed lung or whatever.

Spitters can spew a flammable liquid, but it doesn’t have to ignite. Unless one is to assume their teeth morphed into flint or some odd ball thing for no good reason. But once again. Shooting them…uh haaa! Roll that chance!

Wonder if you can knock out a scientist zombie, put it in an enclosure and have an unlimited supply of manhacks?

I like this idea and simultaneously am horrified / enraged / totally against it / oh god oh god no but also yes.

I have the biggest love/hate relationship with this game and you are making it worse.



I started a github mod thing if anyone didn’t notice. I’ve left it open for people to work on it together.

Discourse link: World on Fire monster pack - testing & adjustments