World on Fire monster pack - testing & adjustments

After discussing the possibility of adding more fire enemies to the game, I decided to just make a mod. I need lots of testing & help finishing it though.

The mod adds several fire type monsters. The read me on github has list of monsters, and a brief lore
reason for how they can exist. (for those who hate anything added without good lore reasons)

It’s mostly done, but a couple of things i need help with:
1- Having trouble figuring out monster special attacks
2- Can’t figure out how to add fire anthills to game
3- Not sure how to adjust spawn rate of new monsters
4- Testing, Feedback, & adjustments.

If I did it right it right, anyone should be able edit it, I would love to make this a community creation pack.

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Fire anthill…
So will they spit Molotov cocktail equivalents like acid ants?

My world’s on fire, how about yours? That’s the way I like it and I never get bored



Pretty much, thats the idea. Still having trouble figuring out to create such a attack…

why dont you check the “pk rebalancing mod” or something like that (forgot the excact name) it has the antqueen being able to throw fire iirc