Burned zeds

I think it’s cool to have burned zeds sometimes drop a skeleton that could be revived. Or maybe even a new zed type - burned zombie. Like, when a normal or special type zed has been set on fire and died in it it will lose it’s abilities (cuz we’re all the same inside) and become just a weak and fast charred walking corpse.

Just being able to torch the things at all to keep them from getting back up would be pretty nice. Honestly I’d be cool with just that. Having the “burnt” variable making zeds un-revivable.

It does do it, actually. Corpses have a chance proportional to burnt/volume to become unrevivable except by necros. This is rolled at revive time so it isn’t displayed until that (will still be yellow in UI), but a badly burnt corpse shouldn’t rise.

Also, I recently buffed fire vs. (item) flesh effects, so corpses should be easier to burn. Still not as fast as butchering them though - this will need a separate fix.