Firefighter clothes provide no fire resistance?

so I just looked up the stats for the fire fighter suit after tricking a firefighter zombie into walking into a minefield and for some reason the stats are 0 fire resistance and 0 environmental resistance

what’s the deal?

How beat up are the clothes? Are they in good condition?

Turnout gear has a fire of 7 and flame-resistant gear has a fire of 4. Indeed, damage to clothing reduces protection values.

well I did steal them off a zombie that stepped ion a landmine like I said

On the left side of the item or clothing name it got an indicator of the clothing or Item damage.
If it’s a double red dot it’s at 100% damaged If it’s a double green vertical line it’s at 0% damaged.

I usually use descriptors instead of colours since its more accurate. but they weren’t completely destroyed so i’d expect some fire resistance