Fire Fightning

I dislike fires. They reduce the maximum amount of hp whenever you get near them. ( Idk about version 0.4 if they changed this). With no solution to raise it back up heres my suggestion. When first aid kits every time there applied to an appendage it raises it back up to the maximum hp by 1 point. Now this isn’t supposed to be made to break the game so that’s why i want a low value. This would be great if you increase your strength with mutations and stuff.

My other idea is to have a fire station in the game. They’re colored like police stations with red and a yellow > . inside you can find fire suits and and fire gel. the fire suits and fire gel gives temporary immunity to fire just like the cbm module. however the suit has a limited durability and the gel has a time limit. also found inside is a spawn for firetrucks. firetrucks have a unique “weapon” the fire hose. draining form internal water tanks (which we have) they are the games strongest knock back weapon. it has an area of effect of a 2 x 2 tile range and it shoots in a stream of 6 tiles. (similar to how sledge hammers work.) unfortuantly they do a maximum of 5 damage. you can dismantle them and add them to your own vehicles, but the part itself cannot be crafted.

Yeah, that is a problem: extinguishers don’t have much range IIRC so it’s tough to effectively fight fires with the new fire-damage effect.