Fire extinguister doesn't work

I can’t get fire extinguishers to work. Use>Large Fire Extinguisher>direction, and it doesn’t do anything. No charges used from the extinguisher, no fire extinguished. Absolutely nothing happens.

Throwable version is a fancy rock. It’s impossible to tell whether it exploded or the fire destroyed it, but it definitely doesn’t extinguish any fire.

Latest game version.

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too.

Have you tried using it on the tile with the fire? Because last I used them they refuse to fire against tiles without fire and only effect one tile. So it might be that honestly the fire extinguishing stuff is a bit of a sham as it’s next to useless even when it is useful.

Yes, I have. It wasn’t just one tile. I set a fungal bloom on fire, and apparently the fungal spire itself is fireproof, but the fungal walls that it infinitely respawns are not, and I didn’t want to use ammo on it. There was a lot of fire. I tried one tile, I tried the middle of multiple tiles, I tossed the throwable one directly into the fire and looked for it after I blew the spire to pieces with heavy machine guns. The only thing I didn’t try was actually setting myself on fire.

I mean, that happened later in a temple, but I didn’t have an extinguisher on me. RIP cloak, I shouldn’t have taken you with me.

I would recommend applying a 120mm tank shell to the fungal spire. 120mm HEAT by preference. Once its dead, everything will burn up.

Still getting this glitch as of build 8342.