Finnish names in CDDA



While rummaging through the game files I stumbled on the file that contains all the names. So I decided to replace it with all Finnish names!

All new:

  • 12485 location names (same names used for world and cities names)
  • 948 male names
  • 1215 female names
  • 22691 family names

(CDDA has 20902 world names, 1219 male names, 4275 female names, 3000 family names and 1156 city names. Contributor names were left untouched.)

Unfortunately this thing can not be modded so to use this you will need to overwrite the en.json file in CDDA\data\names. And updates will always reset it.

People names from (included first names with at least 100 owners. Included all family names)
Location names from:

It should be pretty trivial to add code to support multiple name files.

i would support such! i wanted to add some names of different origins and this sounds like a idea to allow these changes via a mod by chance