"filthy" tag behavior - WAI?

So… something happened, and I’m not sure if that’s intended or not.
Killed some zed, he had some wearable container on him, which was obviously “filthy” but contained clean water. My survivor have a thermos, so I decide to 'R’eload it with clean water. Lo and behold, now my thermos contains clean water… but thermos itself is filthy now. No, it was clean before. No, emptying it doesn’t help either.
Same zombie had filthy gasmask with full cartridge. Upon unloading the cartridge itself is “filthy” too. What, am I expected to wash it? Shouldn’t it ruin it?
Now I wonder if some of those zeds had a weapon with shoulder strap, would magazines and bullets from it be filthy too? And should they?

Use rag/washing kit/sponge/washing machine to clean hard object. Filthy tag transfering to items contained into other is a bit wonky currently, especillay because filthy only matters for clothes (and CBMs) filthy bullets for exemple would not do anything different than regular bullets

Well, yes, it should not matter. But unless fixed, they can’t be used in a crafting recipe, so it gets annoying really fast…

Hm, I somehow really get the chills - in a negative way - while imagining to see bullets, magazines, CBMs and glass bottles tumble around in a washing machine.

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I know what to use for which item. I was talking about that “wonky” behavior. How the heck did that tag move from one item to another via third item which did not and could not have the tag?

Actually, for such items you have (at least had, about a month ago) to use a dishwasher. Washing machine will say it won’t work if you try activating it with filthy CBMs inside.