Making clothing filthy through the debug menu (or spawning filthy clothes)

I am trying to implement a feature regarding filthy clothing. I’m not aware of a way to spawn filthy clothing, so I’ve just been spawning zombies, killing them, and then testing on their clothing. pretty dumb. It also makes it impossible to test on a stack of filthy clothing, since it’s unlikely for me to be able to spawn two of the same filthy item this way.

Is there a way to add the filthy tag to an item? Or duplicate an item exactly? Ideally I’d do this in the debug menu but if it’s only possible through some in-game process I can do that too.

There is debug command to kill all nearby monsters. Do you use it?

Do you have the dirty clothing mod on? It’s not on by default, but it can also be activated by squeamish trait.

Yes of course I have the dirty clothing mod on and of course I can kill monsters in the debug menu. I am asking if It is possible to generate filthy clothing in the debug menu.

Not that I know of, no.

You need to add item with FILTHY flag. It is not possible to do with Lua or Json, but you can update debug menu spawn to spawn items with this flag.

That’s what I ended up doing, made a quick change to make all new items have the filthy tag then reversed it after I spawned my test items.

Might be cool to implement a tag modification debug menu option.