Filter masks the same volume as packed laws

Does that make much sense?

I think whoever statted the new filter mask item was intending it to be something more like an industrial dust mask, which is essentially just a small gas mask.

Even then though, 6 volume is somewhat excessive.

Keep in mind that volume isn’t a figure that applies in all directions simultaneously. An object can be smallish and boxy and take up the same volume as something that’s long and thin.

That being said, the filter mask volume is likely an oversight, and it has now been PR’ed.

What Rivet said, it’s likely an oversight, but volume isn’t pure displacement or size, but rather how much space it takes up in your pack. A packed LAW is very large and heavy, but packs easily, a filtermask is very light and not all that large, but packs very badly.
This is what we’re talking about btw:
Which is more like 2, maybe 3 at the outside. Thanks for bringing it up.