Oversize Item(s)

While playing build 10402 I noted that a single ‘Unused .22 casing’ has a volume of .25L, which is… Well, as it stands .223 casings are in at .01L, which seems to be standard for “casings smaller than a shotguns”, aswell as being larger than some of the guns that chambers it.
In a similar vein, some tweaking may be required for the amount adding a mod increases the size of a firearm.

In any case, has anyone else noted particularly egregiously bulky items?

Some firearms have rather generous chambers, so it’ not unusual for a casing to expand some when fired. Up to .25L might be just a tad excessive, though.

Oh, wait, it’s an unused casing. That’s completely different. Nevermind.

From what I understand, a lot of items in the game have had their weight and/or volume assigned through ballparking. It’s only a recent change that such items started to gain more appropriate parameters.

Firearms, for example, used to have rather generic volumes: M1911 used to be exactly half a liter. Recently the folks at CleverRaven started doing some background work aimed at overhauling holsters and containers in general. Many small arms that used to fit in a fast draw holster no longer do because of both the holster and the firearms volume adjustments.

It’s fair to assume that many more items are to go through similar changes.