Filling up containers that aren't in inventory and using items on the ground

Would be a nice feature if we can fill containers that aren’t in inventory. Would save some time from having to find which space you left your empty bottles and/or having to drop other items to make some room just to make some jelly.

Also, would be neat if we could use items that are on the ground, like eating something on the floor below you or using a lighter you left in front of a firepit.

There’s a mod for that.

That would be great, I just looked through all 12 pages of the mod forums and I didn’t see it. Did you have a link by chance?

It adds barrels you can fill, very cleanly done I might add.

Yeah, but IMHO the feature should be in the mainline, too.

this could allow you to add clean water DIRECTLY to your vehicles clean water tank when you make it, that would be very very nice!