FEMAs are gone


I can’t manage to generate a map with a FEMA camp on it (using debug to see the entire overmap). I don’t get why this special don’t spawn, whereas rarer specials (Megastore, Mall) never fail to do.
I even copied the Megastore parameters into the FEMA parameters, but no, no spawning!
“locations” : [ “wilderness”, “swamp” ],
“city_distance” : [4, -1],
“city_sizes” : [4, 12],
“occurrences” : [2, 5]

And I removed the CLASSIC flag, I don’t know what it does but the Military Bunker don’t have it and spawn without issue.

So can somebody points me to the problem? Is it only in my game, because of my settings?

It may be that your mods cause too many special map tiles to spawn. There’s a limit to how many mandatory overmap specials you can have in worlds, and, to my understanding, exceeding that limit means that some may not spawn. Are you getting a bug message on world startup?

I use PK’s and the tank mod, but I always get an error message saying there are 73>72 mandatory map specials. And I’ve yet to see an ant mound or tunnel system spawn anywhere.

No, I edited some extra mods that were forcing at least 1 or 2 of their buildings down to 0 to keep within the 72 limit. I have no warning message. I’m using too PK mod.

I found the bug, it is introduced by PK Mod, I’ll point him to the issue. A typo on the minimum city size required (the ‘fat finger syndroma’, you hit 2 keys at once :wink:

"type": "overmap_special",
"id": "FEMA Camp",
"overmaps": [
  { "point":[0,0,0], "overmap": "fema"},
  { "point":[1,0,0], "overmap": "fema_entrance"},
  { "point":[2,0,0], "overmap": "fema"},
  { "point":[0,1,0], "overmap": "fema"},
  { "point":[1,1,0], "overmap": "fema"},
  { "point":[2,1,0], "overmap": "fema"},
  { "point":[0,2,0], "overmap": "fema"},
  { "point":[1,2,0], "overmap": "fema"},
  { "point":[2,2,0], "overmap": "fema"}
  "connections": [
    { "point": [1,-1,0], "terrain": "road" }
"locations": [ "wilderness", "swamp" ],
"city_distance": [5, -1],
"city_sizes": [[b]42[/b], 30],


ill add the official bosses for the 2 doom structures lacking it and release.

How does “city_sizes”: [4, 12], mean?
Min, Max? does this mean in a world with city size of 3, this building will never spawn ?


first number min second maximum.

4 is the official min and 16 the max

what do you mean with “4 offical min”? are this numbers not the same as in game settings? because there you start with city size of 1 (0 is no citys at all)

well them i never knew.

you could set it to whatever you wanted

You start with a city size of four, if I recall correctly.

Im Sorry i still dont get it.

Lab has “city_sizes” : [4, 12],

ive just started a world with city size of 2 and used debug menu to see the map and there is a Lab.
If i understand you correctly then the Lab shouldnt be able to spawn in a world with city size setting of 2, but it does.

each city has its own size, that is influenced by your setting. some are smaller

Now i got it, thanks :slight_smile:

So what do we do to avoid this bug over 72?

I can’t play without pisskop’s and vehicle mods >_<

…although I can live without the doom towers…have this separate mate as I would prefer to dump it than have it! :slight_smile:

This bug is fixed.

But to avoid the 72 bug error message you have to make a custom patch-up for whatever mods you are playing with and use that.

I did add a mod, recently, that removes the doom structures from the game. Its in the PRM thread. On the latest page even.