[Crafting Screen] New colour for *Almost* craftable recipes?

Just an idea, I’m wondering if anyone else thinks this might be useful… Right now, as things stand, recipes you have all the parts and tools for within reach come up white and are fast tracked to the top of the list, while everything else goes in a giant grey Pile at the bottom…

What if we had the white recipes we can craft at the top, and and then another group (maybe in a dark red?) beneath it, that lists all the recipes you are only one ingredient or one tool away from being able to craft?

I like your idea, but to be honest it might get more messy than clean up like you hope. a lot of recipes share the same ingredients you would be seeing a lot of red every time you pick something up, I feel like the search feature does a good job on helping you find what you need.

However maybe some things could be red when your missing a tool and have all the materials

I like the idea in principal but I feel like this is a sort of specific function, to be coloring the entire item name.

If I could expand upon it, perhaps there could be smaller indicators - an ‘M’ (for materials) and a ‘T’ (for tools) that change colors, somewhere on the crafting menu, to reflect whether or not you have have the materials or tools. Grey if you’re missing multiple parts, yellow if you’re just missing one, and green if you have everything.

So a green M (or I) and a yellow T means you have all the ingredients but are missing a necessary tool, and so on.

I like the idea, not sure about the details…