Fast Learner, fast healing and robust genetics are too strong

Hey today I tried to build an unconventional character (no fast learner, no fast healing, no robust genetics) but I found no acceptable solution.

What if you removed them?

OR just don’t pick em every time?

If your going for a powerfull character then taking any of these would be the false aproach.

while i agree about fast learner and fast healing, robust genetic is awesome for a (truly) powerful char, if not indispensable.


that’s good news

Fast healing gets obsolete quickly. Once you get geared up, you don’t take so much chip damage and can afford longer downtime. Not to mention that health stat (hidden, governs regeneration) is currently unbalanced and easy to increase later on.

Fast learner is good on a typical character in a typical world, but it is quite bad in dangerous worlds with fast evolution and/or fast zombies.

Robust genetics’ overpoweredness is based on mutation system, which hasn’t been touched for a long while. It only affects a small percentage of characters, so it didn’t get good balancing feedback.

Robust genetics is purely prejudicial. Fast healing can’t heal fast enough when you’re matched with zombies you can’t beat.
And fast learner is only making the survivor the sort of person I understand as the average teenager. Jeez, it should come with pimples and moodswings.