Why are wasps unable to reproduce?

Hello everyone, why are the wasps not breeding?
In the cataclysm, in principle, many mobs have problems with reproduction, but not as large-scale as the wasps.
once I discussed the reproduction of cockroaches in the cataclysm, there are discussions about the fact that bees do not have queens and there is only a strange NPC, but about the wasps-no one asked.
the wasps in the game build nests and live in groups, they are not single wasps that like ordinary beetles are able to reproduce-they are a collective type of oss-they must have a queen
we can look at the ants-they haven’t changed much. huge anthills, hundreds/thousands of individuals, queens with the ability to reproduce quickly, however, not only ants are collective, we have wasps and bees, but only ants have queens


I am not sure that I was able to correctly translate your message, if the nests of bees were created by a mutant person and not by the queen bee, then the question with wasps remains open. as well as the question of eggs, larvae and other things

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I have a PR open (#47960) that adds wasp queens, and plan on overhauling all invertebrates with a repro/life cycle. Dragonflies and centipedes reproduce naturally, and dermatiks have a location-specific mob that reproduces them.

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My English is not the best, and I am not the most frequent guest on this forum, can I find out what PR is and how to use it?

A PR is a piece of content that’s submitted to the project for inclusion, in this case #47960:

We’re in Content Freeze in preparation for the next stable release, that means it will only make it in the next experimental cycle.

Trying to further explain what a “PR” is:
“PR” stands for Pull Request", which is Github’s bizarre terminology for asking the code maintainers to include a piece of code (or JSON files, or documentation, or…) into the project in order to add functionality or fix bugs (mainly).

Why a “Pull Request” rather than a mod?
The line is definitely blurry, but pull requests are essentially modifications the person producing it thinks are suitable for inclusion by fitting the theme of the project, rather than adding something that’s more of a, well, modified version of the game for people with different tastes.
To complicate it further, it’s possible to produce Pull Requests for mods, such as e.g. Magiclysm, as some mods are maintained in a similar manner to the main project…

To figure out how to use PRs you’ll have to search and find the documentation on how to contribute to the project (I think “contribute” may be a good word to search for). It involves having to use Github and its tools, as well as those the maintainers have mandated (or, somehow, magically manage to fulfill the formatting and style requirements without the tools and without knowing what the mandates are).

Hoping this tangent doesn’t derail this tread too badly…