Honey Generation

It’s come to my attention that honey is pretty useful. There are a lot of uses for food and such that a survivor would enjoy. There’s also health benefits. Honey is also delicious.

However, as I thought about it, I must ask: is honey renewable in this game? The only time I’ve been able to find honey is by raiding bee hives, but they were items on the ground.

No. It would be nice to have a useful beekeeper profession.

I suggest that bee sting could be processed and honey could be extracted.

No, that wouldn’t be believable.

perhaps small hives could be found while scavenging brush

Jean Henri Fabre noticed that a type of wasp can catch a bee, squeeze its belly, and drink the nektar. But this is difficult to simulate, without bodypart targeted wrestling.

Sting is an occasional death drop, so it is a reasonable abstraction.

I think there’s plenty in bee hives. You can get like 20-40 honey combs or more in a single hive with default drops, assuming you can handle the bees.
There’s a few loose honey combs in ant hill tunnels.
Honey is also found in kitchens and grocery stores in different varieties (candied honey, forest honey, etc.).

Unforch honey is not “renewable”, although in theory you could find infinite bee hives. Bees don’t have a queen, unlike ants, who still have TWO of them per colony.

Smashing the bee hive wax walls yields wax. I’m not sure if that can be processed into something relevant. Because there’s plenty of wax to be had.

That’s a bit of an oddity for me though. Are people still finding giant bee hives? I haven’t seen any for a rl year at least. If y’all are playing stable maybe something happened in their generation in experimental.

I would think finding some honeycombs very rarely in bushes would be reasonable. Especially if you could link it to survival skill. I’ve seen some youtube videos where some amateur beekeepers seem to be able to cut off bits of honeycomb from wild beehives with little to no protection and not get stung. From the looks of it the trick is knowing how to tell the difference between the different parts of the hive and being very careful not to harm any of the bees while doing it. After watching a few of those videos bees actually seem pretty chill as long as you know what yer doing.

I have seen hives in some recent experimentals.

Hy You guys know that giant bees make both royal jelly and honeycombs?

Honey and magichoney[sup]tm[/sup] already exist ingame.

Spawned near a beehive in my latest game, which is a very nice start. Not for the honey, I’m too weak to even dream of raiding the hive, but the bees themselves are easily avoided and will kill many, many zombies.

I’m building up my character in the next town over now, so soon I shall go get me the honey.