Wasps are so broken they should have their own mutation tree

This is more of a sort-of discussion than an actual “I will do this” thing. Wasps are extremely fast, aggressive, strong and pretty common. Also venomous and total assholes, just like in real life.

It would be epic if you could become one of them.

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I have very broad plans of introducing postthresh exclusive mutation “lines” to most categories. For Insect specifically I’d do an armored-but-slow beetle line, whatever kinda shit butterfly the current postthresh traits go for and a line of Hymenopteran traits - lithe venomous dodgetanks with some pheromone shenanigans to suborn the wild-type mobs.

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It would be cool to be able to actually tame wasps and/or bees if you take them as larva or eggs and have the right pharamone mutation to reflect their usocial nature.

Last time I checked, when you get “impregnated” by a dermatik, there is a chance that the resulting wasp will spawn tame.


The most cursed thing I have read on this forum. And that includes what would explode a (zombie) child.