Fantasy Based Martial Arts

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i’ve noticed that CDDA is developing in the direction of many ingame-systems being close to real-life realism and physics. However, the Martial Arts system in the game is very fantasy based.

Most of the ingame martial arts are very ineffective in real life and can even make physical encounters worse for you (Aikido) or pure fantasy-based (Ninjitsu or Kung Fu). I’m not against having them in the game, but the bonus they give has no basis in reality.

My suggestion is, to base effectiveness of the ingame martial arts on real life. Effective martial arts are things like Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Judo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Lethwei or Kickboxing.

Semi-effective martial arts like Karate, German Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, or Taekwondo still have their basis in reality and give fighting bonus.

Non-effective, fantasy based martial arts like Aikido, Kung Fu, Japanese Jiu Jitsu or Tai Chi shouldn’t give any bonus at all.

you realize that kung fu is 100% a real martial art right. i can say that with certainty. for ninjitsu i’d have to do research which i don’t care to do.

Literally everything you listed is a real martial art, one could argue about their relative effectiveness, but they’re all rooted in a systematic combat systems.

Ninjutsu is debatable, there are people who teach it, but whether it’s authentic or not is unclear. There’s a fair bit of nationalist mythology tied up in the ninja, and the historical evidence for actual organized ninja training and clans and so forth is a little sketchy.

A lot of what you’re calling fantasy based is pure opinion. There’s a fair number of artists who regard things like Aikido as valuable additions to their arsenal. Most of it depends on the teacher.
Rather than demanding everything conform to MMA IFC standards, why don’t you make some extra martial arts? I’d love to see Bando, Lethwei, and a few others that you’d referenced added, to say nothing of Savate, Catch Wrestling, and multiple others. We’re lacking Combatives, too, beyond the Bionic ones. Sounds like you’re grounded enough in the topic to do it justice.

As someone who did kung fu I can say with certainty that it isn’t a fantasy martial arts. Many of the stances that you learn make you significantly harder to move, the blocking techniques do block attacks more effectively than if you were using no techniques and the way you learn to kick and punch definitely ups your power behind them.

I’m not trying to say that it is definitely better or more effective than other martial arts but I can say that it is an effective martial art.

Do you know why kung fu does work in the game and not in real life…
Because its in slow mo uh I mean turn based


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I agree, they are real martial arts, but they are very ineffective. That’s the point that i’m trying to make.

There is literally not a single video (that isn’t staged) of a fight where someone successfully used aikido to defend himself. It does not exist. That is because Aikido is a dance, and not a fighting style.

The same can be said for Kung Fu. When people use Kung Fu successfully in a fight, they use Sanda. Because it works. No one uses “Tiger Dragon Mantis Whatever” form in a fight. Because it’s a dance, not a fighting style.

I’m proposing that ineffective fighting styles have their ingame effectiveness reduced, while the other combat styles have their ingame effectiveness increased.

Kung Fu “effectiveness” is pure fantasy from hollywood movies. In another thread people wanted to be able to carry a full minigun with everything on their character (which is hollywood fantasy aswell) - which was rightfully denied. Please take the same stance on this issue aswell.

Kung fu in real life is very different from the kung fu depicted in film. While the movie version is indeed very ineffective (possibly even detrimental) the same can be said about nearly any depiction of fighting in movies. Just becease the depiction of a fighting style depicted in film is very ineffective doesn’t say anything about that fighting style in real life since the depiction isn’t nessecerly accurad.

Yeah, I think it depends a lot on what you mean when you say “kung fu” because that term encompasses a huge variety of styles and traditions. Some of them are definitely of the dance/exercise variety, but some of them are definitely more practical. Rulers at various times even issued bans on such training for non-military personnel.

Short answer, no, I completely disagree with your premise, and will not be changing how martial arts are handled in the game.

Alright. It’s your game after all, and it’s a very good game.

If you ever change your opinion and need an expert on martial arts (I have over 30 years of experience, i was a state champion in wrestling), feel free to ask me.

I think the point is that there is a fine line between fun and realism. It’s a scale, if you put too much emphasis on realism you have to compromise on fun. Tiger kung fu, scorpion kung fu, and all other kung fu styles are fun. No, they’re not totally realistic but this game has futuristic death robots, slime aliens from outer space, zombies, mutants, and more. If my 7 foot 50 strength monster mutant wants to tear someone’s face off with their bare hands, they can.

Also aikido is kinda useless in the game anyway, no one uses it because it halves damage but doubles pain, which zombies don’t feel pain anyway, so it’s worthless. Tai chi doesn’t do enough damage to be worthwhile. Brazillian jiu-jitsu would be worthless because it focuses on one-on-one submissions with an emphasis on chokes and breaks, which are useless considering you have to tangle with one single zombie which doesn’t need oxygen, doesn’t feel pain, and t he fact that it’s techniques only work on one individual (and you’ll most likely fight multiple opponents).

All martial arts in the game are balanced around niches, some are better than others. It makes sense that a striking-based martial art would be more energy efficient and potentially more damaging depending on your build and what weapon you’re using.
Muay thai is great for larger opponents like hulks or brutes.
Boxing is great for dodging and doing quick kills when your skill is high enough to do jab-cross combos with high strength.
Ninjutsu has heavy emphasis on using weapons and making no noise, meaning that you don’t attract hordes during night time raids.
Karate is good for it’s arm blocks, and being generally straight forward in its use.
Kung fu has great scaling with it’s corresponding stat, tiger style being strength and dragon style being intelligence.
Taekwondo has the great benefit of not using your hands, so it’s especially great for characters who use guns and have an enemy get too close. They use their taekwondo kicks versus bashing an enemy with their gun.
Certain martial arts have different effects that can be applied to your next attack when you’re in a fight, check them out here:

As a fellow martial arts enthusiast, I get your arguments. A lot of the time in MMA we see boxing more than karate, and muay thai more than taekwondo. But you gotta understand that:
A. It’s a game, it’s allowed to have fantasy elements
B. Taekwondo, Karate, Capoeira, Aikido, etc have been used well in MMA fights, it’s just not common to see it as a main style. All fighters have a style and some take moves from other styles of martial arts to blend into something that they use.

Also, i’m more of a advocate for striking in the game, as I also did wrestling for 4 years back in highschool and while I may not have 30 years under my belt I can say with confidence that doing a double leg takedown, lifting a zombie and dropping it on it’s head takes way more energy than wearing a pair of brass knuckles and doing a jab and heavy cross on their head.
The game keeps track of weariness and exhaustion. You and I would know out off all people how gassed you can easily get from just a simple 3 minute full spar.