Extra weapons and ammo casings?

I have two dozen extra rifles/handguns and thousands of empty casings I do not plan on reloading… is it possible to melt them down? Or, any suggestions or ideas for what to do with them? Thanks in advance!

Nothing unless you have a mod that adds something.

Being able to melt down brass would be an interesting development, but unsure of the realism there. o3o

Considering the low melting point of brass, the fact that there are already metalworking tools/stations in game, and the east of actually casting it due to its properties while liquid I think it makes perfect sense.

As for casting it into new casings of the desired size, that probably wouldn’t be possible because cartridge brass is drawn with the upper portion being heat treated to soften it and the lower portion left work hardened from the drawing process. I could see using it in place of copper tubing for handloading though. It would finally make those thousands of spent shells worth something.

What about cast aluminium cases? After all you can heat treat aluminium to harden it so it might be possible. And it would make empty aluminium cans more valuable as well! Downside is you couldn’t reload aluminium casings*, you’d have to melt them down and recast them.

*Note: While it is TECHNICALLY possible to reload aluminium casings I’ve yet to meet anyone that reloads (even the super serious guys) try it AND be willing to actually fire it. Aluminium cases are pretty much a one and done deal. That also assumes you can salvage enough aluminium cases in good enough shape to reload which generally doesn’t happen.

Interesting. I definitely like the idea of using them for the copper tubing.

Crafting shells has been basically ruled out barring the addition of a machine shop and crew (which I need to get viable to planning out).

Might be interesting if casings could be smelted down, at a loss, of course.
Currently the only exception I’m aware of is the .22 calibre casings, which can be used in crafting reloaded 5.56mm ammunition. (experimental version 8a35cf1)
Other than that, empty casings are junk… unless they are used in some IED recipes as shrapnel component? (can’t remember)

It was primers