Gun casings!

Why are they here? What do they do? Where do they come from? Why use rags to make a brass catcher? Are they just here to make a mess? I don’t know! If someone else does, please explain them to me.

First of all, they’re CARTRIDGE casings.

They’re supposed to be there for some sort of effect (i.e. you shoot a gun and expect an empty case to fly out), but you can pick them up to reload later with a hand press-and-die set, some lead, some primers, and some gunpowder.

For some obscure reason this got “War!” stuck in my head. I dont understand my mind.
But yeah, what BadSniper said. If you get the right tools and supplies you can use the casings to reload your ammo. Recycling!

With the right tools you can salvage the casings and manufacture your own ammunition.

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I extend my thanks to Bad Sniper, and everyone else who has replied to this thread!

And the rags are used to make a brass catcher because that’s the default crafting for cloth items, it’s a little bag that hangs off your gun and catches the casings as they fly out.