Explosive renovations?

I’m thinking of making a pond and looking to find a way to justify creating on in-game. The obvious route would be mini nukes, :crazy_face:, but that seems a bit excessive.

My plan is to dig down several levels and then place the explosives.

So, and idea how much ANFO, RDX, dynamite or whatnot would be appropriate?

A single ANFO or RDX charge (the big 50L versions) in a field will create a crater 4 levels deep and roughly 20 tiles in diameter.

Dynamite and lesser charges did not cause significant cratering in my tests.

Thank you sir! :slight_smile:
On to better living through explosives!

As you might guess, the crater will not fill up with water, I’m assuming you’re going to roleplay a bit and map edit a pond once you’ve walked through the appropriate steps.

Correct Kevin. Of course walking through the steps will take me awhile. My chemistry supplies are very not up to the task right now. :frowning:

Edit: And given how much ANFO is needed this is gonna take forever.

i thought CDDA was reaching water physics ºnº

Not especially. The water channels just have a sort of effect where they become water if they’re adjacent to it.

I’ve floated a proposal, but there are performance concerns so we haven’t done much with it yet.

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