Experimental stability?

It seems like the experimentals from about the mid 4900s have had a lot of bugs and instability, so I’ve stuck on 4925 for a while. How stable are things now and is it worth my updating to 5032+?

There are some recent, known bugs left, but the biggest offenders (“seeing this is a bug” in tools and a bunch of crashes) are fixed.

Pretty stable, but some issues with tiles getting aesthetically messed up by menus and notifications, easily fixed by [c]losing an empty tile or opening a few specific menus. other than that iive had few if any crashes on the most recent build (5032).

In many cases, I seem to be having issues boiling water to make it clean, but otherwise, meh.

I will try updating to the very latest experimental though.

The issue seems to have resolved itself as of experimental 5089.