Crash with Experimental 2018

Hi, I have been playing the latest experimental build (2018) of today (September 2nd) and have encountered a hard game crash.

All you have to do to make this happen is peek through a window, either with the curtains closed or open. I am able to reproduce it consistently. The only building I have tested this on so far is the cabin (update - see below), though I assume it will happen with any window in the game. Peeking around a corner in any other situation appears to work purely as intended.

Edit - Sorry, forgot to mention that the crash actually occurs whenever you try to leave the ‘peek’ view…

Edit 2 - Just had another crash with the latest experimental build. This time, I was in a nearby farmhouse, that is stuffed with pets. There was a cat in the kitchen area, then the bathroom had three cats and a dog, and the bedroom had a further three cats. The crash happened when I went back into the kitchen area and tried to (e)xamine a chair.

I doubt this is related, but in the last few experimentals, there are animals everywhere! When I used to spawn in, you would be lucky to see an animal from the shelter windows. However, wherever I spawn in now, I see at least 9 or 10 different animals. I have the Spawn Rate Scaling Factor set to 0.5, if that has anything to do with this weirdness.

The animal spawn rates aren’t really the issue here though. It’s just the fact my game keeps crashing when I do certain things. I’ll keep playing, and if I get any more crashes, I’ll detail them here… :wink:

Edit 3 - Thought I’d better mention, I’m using the Windows Tiles version, with RetroDays 20…

We’ve received a report of a crash with examining tiles, too, so that might be related. :-/

Thanks for reporting.

Hi KA101, sorry for my slowness! :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve just made a post to that effect… :wink:

In build 2020 the games crashes within the shelter after examining the inoperable comp.

edit : Sorry I was too slow. There is a new build already