[Experimental] No means of banning acid ants?

I disabled cataclysm++ and banned acid zombies now as a slap in the face it generated a world over-run by acid ants, come on.

Currently there aren’t any mods that blacklist acid ants but it should be relatively easy to make one. You can either make a mod yourself for it or follow my sloppy instructions on how to modify the no acid zombies mod to do so.

Open cataclysm\data\mods\No_Acid_Zombies\modinfo.json with a text editor (preferably Notepad++) and add the following to the monster blacklist inbetween the square brackets:

"mon_ant_acid", "mon_ant_acid_larva", "mon_ant_acid_queen", "mon_ant_acid_soldier"

You should end up with this:

    "type": "MONSTER_BLACKLIST",
    "monsters": [ "mon_zombie_spitter", "mon_zombie_corrosive", "mon_zombie_acidic", "mon_ant_acid", "mon_ant_acid_larva", "mon_ant_acid_queen", "mon_ant_acid_soldier" ]

And add the following text at the end of the mod file:

     "type": "overmap_special",
     "id": "Acid Anthill",
     "copy-from": "Acid Anthill",
     "locations": [],
     "occurrences": [0, 0]

Finally, make sure there is a comma after each entry except the last one. If you do everything properly acid ants should end up banned from the game along with their anthill.

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You’re 80% of the way to a functional No_Acid_Ants mod. You’ve got all the entries here in one place. Just put em in their own file and copy the modinfo.json from no_acid_zombies, change its name and ident and you’re good to go. Post it here one the board, I’m sure there’re other people with the same issue. I personally like the acid monsters, they give this game more challenge. So I’ll not make the mod.

They’re ok unless you really like npc’s, thank you all for your feedback on this topic.