Experimental: Dodge Experience

Currently dodge is bugged and only provides experience if you dodge a special attack. Any normal attacks that you dodge will not provide experience. Can easily be tested by fighting a lone Zombie Child, which has no special attacks, and therefore you can rack up 100x dodges and not gain any experience. Not sure if this occurs in 0.A.

I’ve noticed the same appears to be true in 0.A.

That would explain the incredibly slow rate I gain dodge. I’ve never had a character get over 2, and she only ever used a combat knife and survived for 5 years (before I got bored and had here “cleanse the land of the fungal menace”… with a half dozen mini-nukes.

On it, somewhere in the refactoring of melee the basic dodge lost it’s practice(dodge), meaning, well, you don’t practice.

Keving commited 64d84e21a62528cd5c7ffeb2923de83186f1d7d9, with something that looks like fix to this. Just wanted to give my thanx.