[Experimental] Blank screen on load (Linux SDL)

I’ve been getting a blank screen on load (before main menu) for the last few days when building from git.

I’m building/running on Ubuntu 12.04.3 x86_64. The game starts fine if I compile without ‘TILES=1’.

I’ve narrowed the cause of the problem down to something committed after ‘da699e9b46862ecf0effd6783c948112a588adb0’ (works) and at or before ‘8f8322385fa552503833744739d494d407ef8b2d’ (doesn’t work). The problem persists through to ‘fa740752a4190435366f3cd57aa1f85a2a1fd0f1’ (latest commit at time of posting).

Here’s a gdb backtrace:

(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x00007ffe7c72108d in nanosleep () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6
#1  0x00007ffe7d6aed23 in SDL_Delay () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libSDL-1.2.so.0
#2  0x0000000000971fa5 in input_manager::get_input_event (this=0xd962a0, win=0x29ad470) at sdltiles.cpp:1138
#3  0x000000000096f504 in curses_getch (win=0x29ad470) at sdltiles.cpp:1001
#4  0x00000000004c8e0a in wgetch (win=0x29ad470) at cursesport.cpp:278
#5  0x00000000004c8df0 in getch () at cursesport.cpp:273
#6  0x0000000000892955 in realDebugmsg (filename=0x9d8b2a "cata_tiles.cpp", line=0x9d8b26 "283", mes=0x9d8b1f "%s: %s") at output.cpp:302
#7  0x00000000004647d5 in cata_tiles::load_tilejson (this=0x29b0c30, path=...) at cata_tiles.cpp:283
#8  0x0000000000463115 in cata_tiles::init (this=0x29b0c30, screen=0x26a93c0, json_path=..., tileset_path=...) at cata_tiles.cpp:107
#9  0x0000000000463332 in cata_tiles::init (this=0x29b0c30, screen=0x26a93c0, load_file_path=...) at cata_tiles.cpp:119
#10 0x000000000096c094 in init_tiles () at sdltiles.cpp:103
#11 0x00000000006b0ac7 in main (argc=0, argv=0x7fff60613690) at main.cpp:77

howdy ^^ having same issue
plays fine w/o tiles
lookin forward to using my mouse! ^
version 0.9-202-gfa74075

Now fixed, sorry I let that bug through >.<

Confirmed fixed for me in latest experimental. Thanks Galen.