Expanding the gameplay capabilities of the spider web?

I tried that earlier, it didn’t work in the regards of spider mutants walking over it without triggering, or spawning in with Web Weaver.

I don’t think the actual adhesive properties would scale that way - Chemical adhesives in general don’t arbitrarily scale up in size while maintaining their effectiveness. And if its a mechanical adhesion (microscopic barbs and other such physical catches) those don’t scale at all, either becoming big enough that its actually just barbed at that point, or maintaining their microscopic size and lack of effectiveness on larger targets, not really benefiting from extra surface area. Zombies themselves probably wouldn’t be safe though, they’re stupid enough to get tangled in a web of fibers by their own awkward movement if nothing else.

in fact, because of the similar size of the threads, it is not so easy to pass through them without tearing them off / getting entangled in them. in addition, these are mutant spiders, why not, we have aliens and mushrooms with a collective mind, spiders can have a web that can hold at least simple zombies

I have a rudimentary set of data on silk, if anyone would like to test it. It’s packaged as a mod right now.

That problem could be solved by the spiders by just decreasing the spacing between the threads. Although this would result in them having to use more fiber and the webs being more visable, it would also increase the surface area for the adhesive and increases the amount of fiders that a creature would get tangled/sticked in.

I also think it would be nice to add the ability to create spider bridges like in BN, to throw a web between buildings. this will make the study of gooods for the spider much safer.

in general, the spider mutation branch in BN is implemented better than in the original cataclysm, so I think it would be nice to transfer the features from BN to the original cataclysm

Id like a rival to chitin armor, that be really fun as a an upgrade to the players tailoring options. Like to rock a stylish character with their homemade giant spider silk suit.

Not sure if it would be quite as tough as kevlar armor but much easer to get the silk.

Silk ballistic armor has been done, it’s not remotely close to kevlar from what I recall, but it does work.

They are actually looking into making spider silk for body armour in our own world. I believe it was called dragon silk. The silk does come from genetically modified silk worms but gaint mutated spiders would work too.

Well, they use worms because SUPER HARD to make spider-web mass production easy. Worms make cocoons, lots of silk in small place. When spiders use small counts and super hard to make web, and hard to easy extract it. Thats only reason why he use worms. In CDDa where spiders big like a dog, and you also can produce silk-thats gonna be MORE better, than worm silk

As i read, madagaskar spider make web that in 10 times better than kevlar

According to the people who make dragon silk:Spider Silk - Kraig Biocraft Laboratories

Dragon silk has a tensile strength of about 1,100-2,900 compared to kevlar 2,600-4,100. So yes it can be just as stong or even slightly stonger than kevlar but in general will be a bit weaker than kevlar.

Where it gets interesting is when we look at the flexibility of silk vs kevlar. Silk is able to streach (sometimes several times it own length) much futher than kevlar (can only stretch 5% of it´s own length).

This means that silk can absorb much more energy before breaking and thus much tougher than kevlar. The problem is that silk might spread the force out much less and might imparts more of the impact into the person wearing the armour.

This does mean that silk would make for very high preformence rope and tread. As for armour it would be less protective than kevlar per layer but it is also lighter and it makes much better fabric to make clothes out of. So you could wear more layers and have greater coverage without increasing incumbrence to much. Making a gamberson purely out of silk might not be a bad idea.

Otherwise you could make your own ridgid silk plates as this should help with the silk streaching to much and imparting the impact into you.

Well, for the most part, you are right, but under a very big question will be the kind of protein that scientists copied-and what kind of cataclysm player produces. in all spiders, the thread has different properties. as I said above, the thread of the Madagascar spider is very strong, precisely because it is able to stretch over huge distances. in the wild, they weave a web between 2 trees, at a distance of meters from each other, their creativity is incredibly huge.

we will have 2 options: either the player is an “industrial” spider class (he is clumsy and creates tons of web, eats a lot and it will be harder for him to live (spiders are very gluttonous. very)), or “combat” (here the variant of an assault light soldier inside buildings is more suitable, spiders feel vibrations very well and make sharp attacks, so it’s very easy for them to strike quick and unexpected blows, or a fast, secretive killer. Jumping spiders are very interesting creatures with fantastic (by the standards of spiders) vision and jumping over long distances. even if they fall, they fix them with a silk before jumping, which allows you not to die if you miss the jump target), which will turn the player into an active predator.

also, variations of mutations for different sexes of the player are questionable, because the difference in size is VERY (see the picture), so the gameplay for the female promises to be more… HUGE XD
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