Beef jerky and rotten meat

There is a bug that allows to make a beef jerky out of chunk of meat (rotten). And beef jerky is fresh and crispy. Rotten meat for everyone!

I think newer builds check that flag. In fact, that’s a pre-0.7 issue. Haven’t seen any bright changes in handling components for cooking, and since farming doesn’t touch that branch for sure - I’ll go with none.
You should check some of the more recent builds as your character can grind bone to add minerals to the soil and grow well beyond strawberry fruit.

im playing experimental builds. And yes, this was a pre 0.7 issue but only when cooking rotten meat not making beef jerky out of it.

I believe what happens is that if you cook rotten meat, the (rotten) flag transfers over. Except that it’s not an item flag; it’s based off the birthday of the item and its spoilage time. So when you cook rotten meat, you get cooked meat (rotten).

Except that beef jerky doesn’t spoil, so it can’t get the rotten flag applied to it.

And besides, trying to prepare rotten meat in such a way as to make it appear not rotten - isn’t that what curry powder was originally for? (Maybe that’s an idea for a new food item)

Just dump enough mustard/ketchup/canned cheese/Italian seasoning on it and you’ll never taste the difference.

Seriously though, a system that lets us add condiments to our food to improve the taste (morale boost) would be slick.

Just as long as it’s not like Earthbound.

“Joe Survivor took a packet of ketchup and used it on the cookie.
It didn’t taste very good…”

I can imagine a hilarious bug where whatever you put condiments on youre able to eat.
“you put chili flakes on the mininuke, it tasted delicious!”