Ever Had One of Those Hero Moments?

Today my second most favorite character which is the one I use daily now because the other one is just to overpowered with all skills +10 and it was on V.2 so…

Anyways, Today I was driving into town with my Builder Bike which is this HUGE bike with over 25 storage boxes on it with a full Steel Plating hull over it. I see 2 hulks down about 45 tiles ahead so I floor it to around 300 and had the little feeling to just drive through the town, so I did. After I went straight through the town LITERAL I drove through the buildings and all spent around an hour patching up my scratched hull. Unfortunately, found out just after I fixed one part on my bike that I was surrounded by at least 60 zombies, hoard style, no holes anywhere, just a massive mob around me

I went “well Crap” so I tore out one of my frames in my bike while they were still missing me 9Dodge, COME AT MEH
and I proceeded to fight the hoard off with my heavily upgraded shotgun, my bike needed major repairs after the spitter biled my entire bike. But I left a nice pile of bodies and didn’t even break a sweat.

When was your last Legendary Character moment/ Final Stand

Got attacked by a rogue bear in the middle of town, shot it with my last bullet, attracting a horde, so, while bleeding, I fought a horde of Z’s with a katana, ran into a master Z, and activated a grenade. That was the end of Mr builder-of-worlds.

Just had another Big happening, Was driving in my Builder Bike [size=8pt](The Big Behemoth Of all Cars) [/size] when i hit a radio tower, and like all towers tend to be quite sound, it stopped my Bike, and made my front defense turn yellow, so i sighed and grabbed around 500 of my 10,000 batteries and started to make repairs when after my 3rd repair, HELLO DID YA MISS ME? 3 bears and a pack of wolves were around me, luckily for me, i was carrying my Legendary Modified shotgun Skill 6 shotgun doesn’t hurt and i proceeded to obliterate them one by one, TRIGGER FINGER GOODNESS, since walls of those darn wolves were gone with a single button click.

But all Cataclysm players know what happens when you use a shotgun,[size=12pt] you awaken the hoard![/size]

so i reloaded and ran towards it, bashing and gunning them all down, walking through acid and using my nanites to heal constantly i beat and shot my way into the hoard of the town Bashing level 13 56%

2 hulks said hello and i said [size=11pt]goodbye[/size], a few masters showed up only to lose their heads and be picked off one by one. Around 50 standards came at me and dented my Kevlar but were dented a bit more violently in return. The spitters melted my Kevlar off but i gave them a taste of my ranged [glow=red,2,300]homemade Molotovs[/glow]. After the battle i was naked and was yellow, but the town was cleared and after a nice sleep in the builder bike and a refit of extra cloths from compartment x2|x7 i was re-equipped and went into the town [shadow=red,left]unopposed[/shadow].

That time when you’re running away from a fast zombie (because older versions) and you’re low on health and know your going to die so you smash a molotov over it’s face and die in a massive inferno. Ah, good times.

An alarm goes off and you exit the hospital, only to find it surrounded by zombies. Armed with only a combat knife and no skill, you hold off the horde only to find a shotgun and shells inside of some of the corpses. You quickly grab that, shove the shells in, and carve a swath of destruction through the horde.

Entered a town, bearing only 3 bullets of .30-03 ammo in a rifle. This was to deal with a Hulk I had glimpsed from afar, and the rapier by my side was for anything smaller.

Static spawn had only just been implemented, so I was nervous, but ready for anything. I worked my way through the deserted suburbs, creeping past house after house, waiting to spot a Z, my trigger finger itching.

On the edge of my map, I spotted a parking lot, and having dispatched a couple of straggling greens in a window, I thought it would be safe to creep through a couple of houses and check it out. Needless to say, I was not used to static spawn yet…

As my head popped out of the window nearest to the parking lot, my radar was suddenly flooded with every colour of the rainbow, including the dreaded blue Z. I shat myself with immediate effect, before running like fuck back the way I had come, two Hulks on my tail, tearing through walls behind me.

The Yakety Sax song kicked in, as I snorted and popped every drug I had on me, and then I realised… I was faster than the Hulks! I ran all the way down the high street, setting a series of molotovs for them to run through. Once I ran out (and they were nice and weak) I downed them both with nice, neat shots to the body. Nothing dramatic. Just a simple finisher.

That was when the necromancer showed up.

I shat myself with what little shit was left to shite, and foolishly decided to try and melee it to death, in case I missed with my last bullet (the drugs were running low by this point, so a raised Hulk with no bullets would be a death sentence). It raised the first Hulk at around about half HP, and I desperately hacked its remaining HPs away as it raised its arms to revive the second.

By the time it died, the beast was mere squares away from me. I drew my rifle, feeling some strange, new form of shite worm its way through my rectum, as if summoned in a time of desperate need, and closed my eyes. It was a square away from me when I squeezed the trigger (with 0 skill in rifles, might I add)…

What happened then? Well… it’s a thread about heroic moments. I’ll leave you to work it out :wink:

you got a headshot that dealt 100+ damage, killing it and you survived.

This was with my 0.4 char
I was just running around a town across the river dispatching Z’s no problem however a hoard was growing and I would soon need to reload my MP5 then I butcher a shocker corpse get a teleportation unit from it I decide to take it and RSLG while I was still alive however he hoard was now surrounding me I had bad melee skills and 5 bullets left before needing to reload enough to cut a bit of path, I fire them off and I try to reload but keep getting hit by the Z’s surrounding me, so I start to run ignoring the Z’s constantly flailing at me I run through buildings and try to set them on fire with my mini flamethrower but the fires never took, my health is getting low at this point all over, I continue running and eventually decide to jump into the river with a backpack full of stuff and fully clothed, I dive under water the Z’s don’t seem to come down so I reload my gun UNDERWATER and swim up a bit start drowning. I swim up to the shallow water and begin unloading every bullet I had into the Z’s especially those damn spitters. And so I limp away to safety of a nearby FEMA camp I occupied at the time, I survived just barely, I think I was down to 5 health in torso and 8 health in head. The other body parts were pretty damaged to but not as bad as the 2 fatal parts. Sure felt a bit of a last stand mainly around the whole dive in river reload, nearly drown and then rise firing as the hoard approach.

Not sure if it counts as a last stand because my character didn’t die.

just recently fought off a small horde (10-12) soldier zombies with gratuitous use of small arms fire and literal fire. that was nifty but I wandered too close to the outpost and took a few rounds of 9mm to the torso, dropping me to around 20 ish.

I was running back to the safe house when I decided to shortcut across a field. little did I know a GRABOID was waiting there for my tender flesh!.


yeah, 1 point in dodge, 1 in melee and another 1 in blunt weapons, coupled with badly hurt and a backpack on.

somehow I lived…HUZZAH!

I killed some npc yesterday on my alternative character and found a mini nuke on him.

All i gotta say is running into town with a shotgun blasting to bits everything and attracting a horde of zombies then activating the mini nuke to wipe everything including myself was damn fun! :smiley:
I guess you can do the same with c4’s

I wound up killing a bear that woke me up in the middle of the night with a pot and the puddle created by a nearby acid zombie.

I just finished making e a moto so I rolled into the nearest town and looted a gun store.
The only two things in the gunstore: Mossberg 500 and 300 00shells.

Well by the time I got out there were hulks, brutes, spitters, electros coming from one direction and a single necro at the back of them all near the end of my vision.
I hopped on the bike, floored it and shot my way through the crowd. At the end of the line, with a necromancer lined squarely with the handle bars, I threw the shotgun at him. HEAD SHOT!

Then I plowed through both him and the house behind…Then got rushed by hulks. ;_;> good bye Mack Reasus.