Error in Scrapbot Mod , Any help please

I have been playing C.d.d.a. for a few months now and having a lot of fun with it, I have recently Started a new world with the Salvaged Robots Mod and the Chicken Walker Mod, I have also had a world with the Jerry-Rig Mod installed and I am getting a Error when Loading I think it is causing the Required Book from spawning in.

The Error is as Follows
DEBUG : Recipe scrapbot_packed defines invalid book.

FUNCTION : recipe_dictionary::finalize_internal(std::map<string_id, recipe>&)::<lambda(const recipe&)>
FILE : src/recipe_dictionary.cpp
LINE : 293

this is with the Salvaged Robots and Chicken Walker Mod installed
any help with fixing this would be appreciated

IIRC you have to load the bootleg walkers mod after the other robots mods, and it requires the blacklist removed for control laptop? I know I had errors until I did both of those steps. Scrapbot uses the chickenwalker’s corpse item as a book, which causes issues when other things try to modify it, as it is a full override of the item, and modular turrets also does a full override of the same item.

Thank you for the quick Reply, I know this may seem a bit Novice level, Will I need a new World to change the load order?

Edit cdda/save/worldname/mods.json to change mods in an existing world

Thank again! I Created a new world just to see if it worked and it Does! now to fix my Current one :slight_smile: SUPER BIOTIC ASSASSIN /w Robots here I come LOL