[eperimental build] Vanishing pistols when activating iron sights

In the latest experimental build, every time that I activate iron sights to mod my pistols the gun completely disappears, along with the mod. I don’t get a prompt or anything - the items just vanish. Anybody else have this problem?

I was not able to reproduce this…

Is this limited to the iron-sight mod?

I’m uncertain if it is or not, I only found iron sights that game, and I haven’t found a pistol or other mods yet. Or a gun store, even.

This may be a little far-fetched, but this bug may have caused it, given that weapons generally are listed first in the inventory

It could be that, actually… it certainly sounds similar, and it would explain my bow randomly disappearing when I dropped it earlier.

Actually if you dropped it and it disappeared it’s a different bug, the referenced [fixed] bug only affected items in your inventory.
Basically every time you did a save/load cycle the first item in your inventory would evaporate.

Then I’m just confused. :confused:

There might be a bug going on currently where if you are r(e)aching over to another tile to pick something up. If you are carrying too much and the game asks you to drop your weapon and you then say yes, sometimes that weapon will not drop where you are, or even into the tile you were reaching into, but it will drop 2 tiles away from you instead. Is there any chance that could have happened? Ive experienced that twice but not sure how reproducible that is, only had time to play one character recently.