Enhanced Hearing CBM

What I expected: Oh hey, some better hearing and hearing protection! I like the sound of hearing protection.

What I got: “You think you might have heard the rat in the basement of the house 5 doors down sniff its ass! Are you not sure you don’t not want to not stop stopping to stop un-un-fueling your vehicle in miniscule 4-liter increments for some inexplicable reason?”
B= not no
“You hear your brain synapses fire as you press the A button”

Self-footsteps: 4
Idling car: 34
Self-howl: 201
.50 BMG suppressed: 1097

Self-footsteps: 15
Idling car: 113
Self-howl: 666
.50 BMG suppressed: 3567

Luckily it seems like the hearing protection works even when the bionic is turned off, so at least there’s that.

But still:

W h y


Wait till you install enhanced seeing CBM.
You will see IT ALL

P. S. On a more serious note, this is really an intrinsic UI issue with trying to convey sounds with text.

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Damn it. Now I’m gonna kill myself. How dare you show me my faults DX

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The other thing to keep in mind is that the enhanced hearing effect does (or used to) cause false-positives. You might see the noise icon appear on the edge of your sightrange here and there, even if there’s nothing there to make noises. I’m not sure why. For that reason alone I usually turn off the enhanced hearing unless I’m sneaking about at night, which is my recommendation.


I figured that was just the echo of my footsteps, since it only happened while walking. There have been a lot of times before when there’s been a loud or projected noise and the noise icon was not where the noise came from, so I figured it was an echo or something.

I tried using it at night, but it just gave me even less of an idea where enemies were, and they were so far away that even gunfire didn’t alert them anyway. I tried looking for them to kill them and get it over with, but I couldn’t even find them, and I have High Night Vision. I just leave it off. I already have Good Hearing, so it just gets in the way most of the time.

Love the hearing protection, but the rest…good lord.

…Wait, this was two days ago? …Wow.

Yep. Its even worse when you have the enhanced hearing mutations as well, they STACK with the CBM. When I turn the CBM on, I can hear zombies bumping into the wall in the next county.


…I wonder if it would let me crack safes without a stethoscope.



I think the CBM does actually.

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That’s razor boys/ girls are useful starts for robbing post offices and pawn shops.

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Well if that’s the case, the thing just got about 50% more useful.

I’ve never seen a post office, though. But I think I might, soon. Recently I’ve been encountering things I’ve never seen before, but I’ve seen mentioned on really old forum posts.

And I mean like… really old forum posts. This game has apparently been in (extremely) active development for upwards of a decade. It blows my freakin mind.