Electronics ++

I believe it would be pretty neat to be able to make or obtain generators to re-activate the electronic devices and lighting or to wire some battery operated lamps to one to light up your bases perimeter it would more incentive to use the electronics skill.

But IIRC there is the CMBs that are incetives to use the electronics skill.

But none the less I agree that generators are nice to have. I think they might come out in 0.9 or later (just a personal estimate)

yeah, i was thinking the CBMs after i posted but still being able to wire out electronics around your base would be awesome.

Bloody oath dude, heaps of us have asked for this feature (myself included), i think we can safley wait for it to appear eventually, it’s too big and obvious not to be in an eventual version

i know, i never seen it posted so i was like that would be too cool XD

nah good on ya dude, the more people who yell for it the more important it might seem to implement

Wow, I like having a generator. Any ideas what would be needed to craft one?

sounds amazing

I have not touched electronics in a while because other than CBM’s it doesn’t seem to useful. With placeable storage batteries, gens and wiring it would change everything!

For crafting generators… hmm.
Not sure if they are craftable, maybe just a random drop in some places.

Also since we are disscussing it are with thinking this or this?

If someone is willing to do some legwork reading and figuring out the crafting side here is a good place to start.

I’m thinking the portable one, of course.

Batteries + metal jerrycan + wire?

Speaking of, we could make an alternator for a car, too.