Power Systems!

copper wiring, lights, gas generators, switches, motion sensors, Non vehicular machine components… you get the idea right?

and the ability to set these things up.

imagine a bunker with lights in every room you can toggle with switches. motion sensors on all sides of the building that turn on flood lights. a camera system that you can view the surrounding area as if your character were outside from a monitor, powered by a generator and wiring you built (perhaps solar panels charging a battery bank?).
and pressure plates that can be used for traps. opening large apocalypse proof doors with a button. is your mouth watering yet?

would love to see these things, and forgive me if these have already been suggested!

Yes, it has been suggested.

And it will take a while to get into the game.

I’ll do this at some point, only because I want it in my game.

I wish I knew how… I would definitely add it all in myself and donate to the cause, alas I am no coder.