Energy ideas to keep your gear running

so for some ideas on how to make more energy. steam generator. water mill. wind mill. note wind makes the least amount of power water the middle amount and steam makes the most.
hand crank. the lowest amount of power generation actually makes a fair bit but its a Hand crank so its entirely player powered and is the least efficient but always available

I think you can attach an alternator to a makeshift steam engine that is craftable in the base game, but I think a hand crank is a cool idea, especially if your vehicle is out of energy and you need a bit of electricity to get the engine going.

to be truly fair these are more for tools over cars but it would still work for cars i was just thinking about tools since i find batterys are a pain in to but to find sometimes

there are some crank powered items if Im not mistaken, and batteries can be charged with an alternater equiped bike.

Most ideas are going to take a while to implement if you arn’t interested in coding them yourself, as the devs have lots of priorities.

JSON stuff is super easy to learn, and the code isn’t hard either, and their are los of tutorials here in the forums if you want to play around with some of it.

Solar makes a good source. We have it already too.

thats why i didn’t say it. but with this i was going more with buildings as bases with the hand crank ment to be that simple way to help keep your stuff runnning since batteries can kind of be a pain to get sometimes

We would require a circuit system to implement any energy usage for a base and solar would still be the best option.

Buildings would have to be more like vehicles that are stationary in that regard. In terms of implementing such a circuit system.

for bases yeah this idea at its current state of game is more for charging tools and batteries directly but would still work for bases if they every get the overhaul