Welder alternative that uses gasoline

Today I was making the charcoal kiln to make charcoal for my delicious smoke meat and i was astounished by the amount of charges of battery my makeshift welder required to make it so my question is, is there and alternative that acts like a welder but uses gasoline? I am aware that a makeshift welder uses more charges than the welder but is there a gasoline alternative?

Only indirectly, by using a vehicle welding rig. You’ll find the occasional welding cart in garages, which you can slap a small engine/gas tank/controls onto.

Oh ok, I already scavanged some garages and never saw one, it would be cool to have some sort of generator to be used to charge these welders.

you can use recharge station for that, but it is kinda late tech

To answer this bluntly because you are all wrong:

There are no alternative welders that run on gas.

There are welding carts you can find in garages.

Vehicle welding stations are those things on the carts. You have to craft them most of the time and they run on car batteries, not gas.

Make a generator.

  • Any frame
  • Smallest engine you can find (such as from disassembling a lawnmower).
  • Largest alternator you can find (Trucks).
  • A gas tank.
  • Vehicle Controls

Install the battery(s) on the generator and turn on the motor.

An undamaged truck alternator is almost 20x more effective than a solar panel (About 400 power every 5 game-minutes); and depending on the engine, is highly energy efficient. The above configuration is light enough to move manually too.

The engine won’t switch off when the battery is full, so using a small gas tank would probably be prudent.

You can then use the charged battery on a recharge station or welding rig.

Thanks Blaze, exacly what I needed, also, do gas stations run out of gasoline?

they most definitely do.
but you can also scavenge gas from cars, and by using just this rig, gasoline from a station should last for a long time.

i still prefer solars though…

While gas stations do indeed run out of gas, you can extend how long it lasts (in your generator/welder) by using a 1-cylinder engine linked to multiple alternators, and then only when you need to refill the storage batter(y/ies).

Solar power is free but needs direct sunlight, and really cannot keep up with most welding demands.

If you happen to be fortunate enough to get them, certain CBMs can turn you into a generator for your welder - Power storage, power generation (of any sort), and a Unified Power System CBM. On the welder side, you’d also need to get the UPS conversion mod and install it there.

Off topic:

To which I must reply: Learn to read.

Directly would be “put gas in welder, welder runs.”
What could indirectly possibly mean?

Which is a vehicle part. Vehicles can run on gas. Hence, indirect gas powered welder.
I also clearly stated that you’d need to put an engine and controls on the welding cart that you can find.

I realize that the second post in the thread might stretch your comprehension skills, but do try harder next time.

Integrated toolkit does this still right? I don’t think it’s so efficient but with the CBM that powers you off hunger or probably the internal furnace are both pretty good for keeping you charged up.

The IT is a makeshift welder now, but yeah, it can weld.

the new solar cars are basically prebuilt solar farms if you need power. searching the roads is turning up several of them for me.

I’m sorry to bring this back up but I have a problem, I got myself all that blaze said to make a generator and I put it up together but what batteries should I use? I want to put some batteries that I can use to put on flashlights or, in this case, in my makeshift welder. What batteries should I use?

I think you also need a welding rig? I don’t know, I have same question right now, because the only use I see to this generator is to reload motorcycle batteries for my scooter :confused: .

You could upgrade your welder with a reloadable batterie and reload it on a reloadingstation attached to your generator.

theres no batterie that can be welded to a car that also fits into a flashlight.
The only way to use the created energy from car alternator is with car attached energy using devices… like lights a welding rig or perhabs a loading station to reaload leoadable items (which is the only way known to me that allows you to transfer energy from car batterie to tools).

you need either a vehicle welding rig that you can run off of a vehicle battery, or a recharging station(electronics 8, in the same square as a trunk or other vehicle container and with a vehicle battery) along with a rechargeable battery mod for the welder.

What the other posters said: apart from charging a rechargeable-battery mod, there’s no way to transfer power from vehicle power to tool (or bionic) power. That’s intentional. Vehicles can generate a lot of power and ATM there’s no real downside to them (gasoline is finite, but in sufficient quantity that under default settings you’d be a while to run out).

That said, no worries about posting again. This was still on the first page and hadn’t been quiet for even 24 hours. No need to be sorry about resuming the thread.

Answering the other part of the question, its best if you put storage batteries in your generator, as the store the most power. A truck or car battery can also work.