Questions about batteries/energy


I’m new to the game, and starting to need a ton of batteries on my current char (for welding, soldering and forging mostly), the ones I find while scavenging don’t last me long.

I dismantled a solar panel and a storage battery (with a charge of 5000 apparently!) from a vehicle. Is there a way to use them to power the above tools?
Like using the solar panel to recharge batteries, of transferring charges from the storage battery to regular ones. Can’t find a way to do that, are those only for vehicle?

What’s another good way to get a lot of batteries/energy?


No, there isn’t you could use a rechargeable battery mod, and the recharging station.

Make batteries, find batteries, dissemble EVERYTHING, use less batteries, loot electronic stores…

Now you’ve dismantled them? no not really, still there common parts so nothing lost there.

Building vehicle mounted copys of the above tools and putting them on a solar/electric car is best,
failing that any engine with fuel and a alternator will make a charge.

A small generator is best as you can be some way away from town when you work.
Makeing a generator simple, frame+ solar panel + battery.
A bigger generator with a small engine(ideally form a lawn mower) and some controls can run a few lights ideal for the late night crafter.

Also found out last night that you can dismantle car batteries, they’ll have some delicious concentrated acid in them (and a bunch of other stuff, half of which you’ll sacrifice if your skills suck, like mine do) that you can use to make regular batteries out of your food junk.

Especially helpful if it refuses to acid rain for a while.

There is back by the name of ‘Ham Radio Illustrated’, read that until you can get the recipe for batteries.

Honestly, it sounds like hard work, but all you need to make a ton of efficient batteries is a ton of scrap metal (which can be obtained from display cases/lockers) empty aluminium cans (drink some cola n’ shit) and vinegar (I see gallon jugs of vinegar quite often in bathrooms/kitchens of normal houses and most grocery stores.) A gallon jug of vinegar has about 20 of the 3 charges needed, grab one of those, tin cans, and scrap metal and you’re set for batteries galore!

Although dismantling some things are more quick & easy, this is a long term solution. And, if you’re desperate, you can use lemons for batteries because F*CK YEA LOGIC MATE.

its possible IRL to do batteries from potato

I didn’t believe that at first, but hey, potatoes gonna potate.

This is what one needs to exploit the powers of POTATOES!

its possible IRL to do batteries from potato[/quote]
I’m pretty sure lemons work because it provides an acid or electrolytes or something.

Heck any electrolyte should work if lemons are considered good enough for a “battery”.

Turns out that the lemon makes zinc oxidize mad fast, and when zinc does that it generates small amounts of electricity because electrons.

Wow that’s a lot of info, thanks :slight_smile: