Electric chainsaw actions do not use power

Something I noticed: no matter how much charge you have left in the electric chainsaw, it will still offer to chop down trees/cut trunks into logs/… And conversely: no matter how big its battery is, it will be fully consumed. The latter due to immense power use of an enabled on chainsaw.

Therefore, it is best to attach a light battery mod to it and cut down trees on almost depleted light cells from your flashlight.

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i’ve mentioned this before but that in particular was about bionics… when your character is ‘in progress’ doing something, they will finish said thing, even if technically they should no longer be able to.

not sure why this occurs or how you’d even fix something like that… put a check during each tick of progress to confirm if the device has power/is on?

You can craft things and run out of battery charges part way through so it is obviously something that can be (and has been) coded for. At present though there is no support for ‘partially cut’ logs, planks, etc. so there’s that to deal with.

i suppose so, but in this it specifically pertains to actions being taken, rather than crafting being done… i suspect that if you have an acetylene torch with only 1 charge left, you could still cut through a metal wall, for example, though in reality it would cost far more charges.

Eh, you’ve misunderstood what I’m getting at.

The present situation is 100% a bug (or at least undesirable behaviour). I’m just saying, with regards to “how you’d even fix something like that” that doing things with insufficient energy and stopping part way is something that has been coded for elsewhere in the game and you could (although not necessarily should) deal with these cases in a similar way.

I guess you’d have the chainsaw splutter to a halt without chopping the tree down then something like the “there is an incomplete job here - continue?” prompt when you try to chop it down again with a new battery.

ah. yeh.

i suppose present solution that’d be best (without coding in a ‘there is a task already started here’ prompt) would be to simply halt the task part way through and have you restart when you have the nessisary materials (in this case, charging your batteries.)

Why are crafting, construction and doing tasks through item actions even separate? It could all be in the crafting menu, implemented the same way. Item actions would just become tool requirements, while construction would be done like 'D’rop - pick direction to craft.

i feel like that might clog it up though? as it is, there’s a LOT of different items in crafting/construction, so much so that it takes a few minutes to scroll through the options for what you can make (based on your skills of course)

Nope. It would just be another category - construction, with subcategories: storage, walls/roofs/floors, furniture, etc.

i mean, theres already a construction menu (*) and that isnt seperated into various tabs for functionality, its one big list… if chopping trees was among that list, people wouldnt know how to chop trees, however, activating an axe to chop a tree makes sense.

for example, for most people who play the game, they have to ask someone else how to make their own vehicle, because you dont look in the construction list for ‘create vehicle’, and its not entirely obvious thats what you have to do… so most people use an existing vehicle for their purposes.

The [e]xamine action could list possible crafts at that location, only listing those crafts that have to be bound to location - chopping trees and construction. That would make it intuitive.

Heh, if you put the depleted battery into a normal battery charger and cut down another tree on the other battery, the depleted battery will gain just enough charge (5-7) to cut down another tree.