Cannot chop down harvested willow trees with chainsaw? (git 00efc6d7fe)

“There is no tree trunk to chop nearby”

… For some reason it requires 12 battery charges to do so. I had only 7.

There are different actions for chopping trees, and chopping tree trunks.

Yes, but the menu does not appear.

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I know it’s not helpful, but it works for me, can you elaborate?

I don’t know which of the 500 snapshots is the one, but it shouldn’t be hard to reproduce the next time I go logging.

There is another issue: “you press the button but nothing happens” should not happen on an electric chainsaw…

Why wouldn’t an electric chainsaw be allowed to run out of power?

I think that they’re referring to the ‘fails to start engine’ thing that happens sometimes with petrol chainsaws. So, no, it (apparently) didn’t have a flat battery.

Yes, it has power. Post must be at least 20 characters